Four Top Reasons Not To Go To Drug Rehab

“I don’t need drug rehab!” This is what people who need rehab the most often say. People that don’t need drug rehab never try to convince people that they don’t need drug rehab! This makes sense, because if your life is in a shambles, the thought of going to drug rehab addiction treatment is overwhelming. People use and drink so they don’t’ have to face reality. Who wants to go and get this reality laid out in front of them to face? Here are the top 4 reasons people will give for not going to drug rehab.1. I CAN’T LEAVE MY PET2. I CAN’T LEAVE MY FAMILY3. I CAN’T AFFORD IT4. I CAN’T LEAVE MY JOBI CAN’T LEAVE MY PETMany people consider their pets like family – especially for single alcoholics and addicts. They can form an unnaturally close bond with an animal. Especially when other people have fled the scene, it can seem like a faithful dog or cat is the only living thing in the world that cares. This is twisted thinking that drug rehab will straighten out. Your pet deserves a functioning and healthy master to take care of its needs, not a drunken sot that is crying all over it. Find a kennel.I CAN’T LEAVE MY CHILDREN/SPOUSENo family wants an active alcoholic or drug addict under the same roof. It is chaos! Children walk on eggshells, spouses stay up all night crying and wondering what they have done wrong, meals are burned, furniture tipped over. Friends avoid the house – everyone is suffering! Do your family a big favor, and get the help you need in rehab. They will probably get the best night sleep they have had in years the first night they know you are safe in rehab.I CAN’T AFFORD ITTrust me, you can’t afford NOT to get treatment. People say they don’t have the money, yet they are daily buying alcohol, nicotine, prescription pills or worse. They are crashing cars, losing wallets, breaking eyeglasses, paying lawyers, higher insurance rates and so on and so on. Saying you can’t afford to go to drug rehab is just another reason to not get help.I CAN’T LEAVE MY JOB/COMPANYActive addiction goes to three places, jails, institutions and death. And when you hit one of those places, and you will if you are an active addict, what will happen to your job then? If a person gets cancer and needs to go for treatment, they go! Workplaces understand, and there are many provisions made for people that need medical treatment. Your company doesn’t even need to know where you are going. Choosing an international drug rehab that is unrelated to company insurance allows you to use vacation time for your recovery. Where there is a will, there is a way. But if you don’t want to get drug rehab addiction treatment, you will find any reason not to go.WHAT’S YOUR REASON? ARE YOU READY?Hold your reason for not wanting drug rehab up to the light of reason. If you don’t want to go, fine, that is your choice, but just recognize that and consider what this truth means. Then look at this truth. The “reasons” are another smoke screen. If you are ready for sobriety, nothing will stop you. In fact you will see all things conspiring together to help you get what you need.

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